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Car Rental Coupons and Discounts

Car Rental Express provides the ultimate experience in online car rental reservations. It's so simple to use our Rate Search. Just enter your travel itinerary and click on "Go". The rate will return with the lowest discounted rates from our wide network of independent car rental agencies. Many of our rental agencies offer coupons and discounts.  Simply click on the Coupons or Discounts link to find a Listing of all Cities with discount car rental coupons.

Some coupons and discounts come with certain restrictions, so be sure to read the information carefully.  Knowing all the details ensures that you know what you are getting with your reservation.

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Automobile Rental Tips

What Should I Keep in the Glovebox?
Check with the rental company to see what the local government requires you to keep in the rental vehicle. Usually you need the rental contract that authorizes you to drive the car (and also a list of any other authorized additional drivers). Also keep the vehicle manual and an updated map. Make sure there's an emergency kit handy in case of accidents. Keep a list of emergency contact numbers (many agencies will provide roadside assistance in case of break downs), because you never know what will happen on the road.

What If I Need the Car Longer?
Before leaving the rental agency, be sure  to check the company's procedure regarding the extension of car rentals. Keep the operating hours, any contact numbers and the name of the employee you're dealing with on hand. You may have to wait until the next business day to contact the agency, depending on what time of the day you c

Car Rental Deals & Deposits

When renting a vehicle, make sure to inquire about any special weekend or weekly rates. If your plans are flexible, you may be able to save some money if you rent during a price break period. Also ask about possible blackout dates when the advertised price you may have seen is not offered.

A deposit or "refundable charge" may be required upon arrival. This will be refunded once the rental vehicle is returned safely.  It is customary for the rental company to charge this to your credit card, but not process it unless there is a contract breach.  For some companies, it may be possible to leave a cash deposit.